Massachusetts Standing Orders for Naloxone

By December 1, 2017: ALL pharmacies in the state of Massachusetts, including specialty, long term care, and veterinarian (pet) pharmacies, are required by law to stock naloxone and have a Standing Order to facilitate third-party dispensing per the Board of Registration in Pharmacy 

Massachusetts Board of Registration in Pharmacy Policy for Required Naloxone Standing Order and Stocking (Policy-2017-03.pdf)

Do you need assistance in setting up a Standing Order for Naloxone?


The End Mass Overdose, Inc. team will help your pharmacy get a signed standing order. Follow the instructions below. Submit all requests to with the title "Standing Order for Naloxone Assistance" in the subject line. 

1. Write a standing order for your pharmacy.

If you do not have a standing order, you may use our example.  Customize it to to your site's needs. 

2. Massachusetts-licensed physician signs the order.

Note: physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other mid-level practitioners are not allowed to sign standing orders.

If you do not have a physician, we can connect your pharmacy to one. Complete the remaining steps. Once the manager of record signs the order, submit it to and we will have a physician sign the order on your behalf. 

3. Train all pharmacy staff members on how to use naloxone via a state-approved training.

If you do not have access to an approved training, you may access our DPH-approved training.  Click the link provided below.

Note: July 2014 amendments to M.G.L. c 94C § 19B (c) requires ALL pharmacists dispensing naloxone rescue kits via the standing order to complete at least one hour of training approved by the Department of Public Heath Commissioner or the Commissioner's designee. 

4. Pharmacist Manager of Record signs the order. 

By signing the order, the manger of record attests that all pharmacy staff at the site have completed the required, approved training and are familiar with all naloxone rescue kits and the patient pamphlet.  The state-approved patient pamphlet (see below) is required at the time of dispensing. 

5. Submit the completed standing order to the Board of Registration in Pharmacy via email:

Must file a copy of the signed standing order with the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Pharmacy and must maintain a copy of this signed standing order and the naloxone pamphlet on file and readily retrievable at each pharmacy location. 

Massachusetts Standing Order for Naloxone Blank Template

Optional Board of Pharmacy Letter to Accompany Standing Order

Required: Naloxone Pamphlet at time of Naloxone Rescue Kit dispensing 

Massachusetts Department of Public Health's Prescriber Memo

Required: MA Department of Public Health's Pamphlet at time of dispensing CII and CIII narcotics 

Approved 1-hour Pharmacy Training Course to Dispense Naloxone Via the Standing Order. Includes Certificate of Completion

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